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What You See Is What You Get

Spaice is a company that specializes in AI interior design concepts. We focus on assisting renovation
companies with using the most modern technology to redesign homes, offices, and commercial spaces efficiently. Armed with our tools, renovation specialists can increase their on-site management opportunities while reducing labour costs.

Our AI interior design services allow you to view potential renovations in both 3D renderings and a 720-degree periphery, giving you and your clients the most realistic view of proposed changes with only a few clicks of a keyboard. This revolutionary design method is highly cost-effective and helps renovation experts work at peak efficiency and for a minimum of added expense. In a world driven by instant gratification, AI interior design services give renovation companies a competitive edge over other businesses that rely on more traditional methods of illustrating their vision for a new space.

User-Friendly Design Tools

Spaice’s software not only provides a visual image of what the finished space will look like it also includes all of the details regarding the required materials, potential costs, and the availability of supplies locally.

This service saves renovation companies time and money, an essential help in this line of work. A built-in invoicing system allows for easy tracking of all orders, outstanding bills, and payment progress.
Among the services Spaice offers their valued customers are:
● Realistic design previews
● Streamlined design planning
● Business growth potential
● Stable supply chain
● Competitive pricing for all materials
● Cloud-based instant cost calculation
● An efficient management system to reduce costs and drive productivity
● Instant quotes and invoicing
● Tracked payment progress
● Real-time data entry
● Efficient document management
● Cloud-based document storage for easy accessibility
● Improved communications between the home office and field workers