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One stop shop for buying a furnace or air condition with rebates in Ontario.

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Goldenhme becomes one of world’s leading cabinet makers, with more than 1,400 Dealer and Franchise locations Worldwide

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B Space is changing the game in interior home design by delivering a revolutionary experience to our renovation business customers.

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Rolic Group is a group company dedicated to investing in high-potential projects. Since its establishment, Rolic Group has invested in a number of outstanding industrial and real estate projects, including HVAC sales and leasing, cabinet distribution and logistics, house design and renovation, and artificial intelligence interior design platforms.

Our Commitment

Rolic is committed to investing in businesses with a high potential for future growth. Over the past ten years, Rolic has built an impressive reputation for success.

With a ten-year track record of success, Rolic knows how to turn a profit in every business the company invests in.

Rolic has exceptional knowledge on how to strategize your investment for maximum profits. We make it easy and simple to see how your investment will grow.

Business Investment


Constant Home Comfort

Constant Home comfort sells HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) throughout GTA of Ontario. Rolic identified strong potential in the HVAC industry, and invested in Constant Home Comfort. The company is expending and markets are growing with a high demand for HVAC services.


B Space

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Goldenhome Cabinetry

GoldenHome Cabinetry provides modern-style kitchen and bath cabinets at an affordable price. Since 1999, GoldenHome Cabinetry has been producing name-brand cabinets for the global markets. Today, the company has become one of the world's leading cabinet makers.


AiReno Home

We are your guide, and your partner in your unique space design and our job is not complete until we exceed your expectations. Collaborate with us today and start planning the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Mission

We set the benchmark for securing, delivering and managing unrivalled residential and commercial investments and developments across key growth areas in Canada.

Development & Construction

Working with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, Rolic ensures the best potential of success for your investment. We take care of all the details; cognizant of your commitment and time invested in this enterprise. We work attentively with all members of our highly trained team for the best outcome.

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