About Rolic

Rolic Group is a group company dedicated to investing in high-potential projects.

Rolic Investment is a business that focuses on providing financial support for businesses and projects with great potential. Our primary interest has been investment in growing businesses and industrial and real estate projects. We have earned the trust of high profile investors and are still actively at work developing new projects in a wide array of different sectors. At present, our main focus is the funding of projects in the business, construction, and development fields.

Rolic is a company with many years of experience behind us. To date, we have been involved in assisting in funding such needed home renovations as HVAC sales and leasing, cabinet distribution and logistics, house design and decor, and the development of AI interior design software. We are strived to creating significant value in the development industries just by focusing on delivering professional solution better than everyone else, acquiring new customers and leveraging our current ones to grow our customer base.

We challenge ourselves on finding, acquiring, retaining, and growing customers everyday.

Rolic Investment is more than simply a venture capital company, we also provide total oversight of development and construction projects. We work from the ground up on each build, helping with every step of the process, including planning, budgeting, and quality control.To date, our primary investments have been in townhouses and commercial development. Among the properties we have assisted with developing and constructing include:
- Residential: townhouses, mid-rise condos, custom build homes
- Commercial: Industrial land and industrial warehouses

We place a high emphasis on transparency in business processes, maintaining honesty as the fuel to build wealth. We believe that innovation is the way forward and that standardized management protocols help to drive productivity, reduce unnecessary expenses, and yield better results. This focus has enabled us to enjoy great success over the last ten years.

It is the goal of Rolic Investment to help companies to achieve the ideal balance of cost to earnings to maximize their profitability. To reach this outcome, companies need to maintain a competitive edge that keeps pace with the latest innovations for the development and construction sector. Never satisfied with simply getting by, Rolic Investment helps businesses seek continual business improvement and streamline operational efficiencies for maximum results. A partnership with Rolic Investment offers businesses an effective management team, visionary corporate strategies, and the ability to take a vision from an idea to a finished product with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Our Mission

We set the benchmark for securing, delivering and managing unrivalled residential and commercial investments and developments across key growth areas in Canada.